Oh Nike

Yep, it still goes on. I was really hopping, deep down, that we're past this, but apparently not.
Now, I haven't worn Nike in YEARS and YEARS but over the past 12 months I've collected a half dozen pair, mostly for biking - so how am I supposed to act or feel about this, since ultimately I do like the way they look and feel. Do I stop, do I keep going - I guess not buying Nike is the least one can do to send a message, or do I just go on with buying their blood shoes?

Thanks to Tonicfab for the info!

But whoever makes these shoes, makes some comfy ass shoes. Its a love hate shmeal. Just got some Nike 6.0 Seagle kicks. Grip the pedals like mad while making the ladies go Whawahweewah or something like that.

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