NYCBikes: Annual Shittiest Bike Store in NYC Award

Ahhhh. This is one of those awards that no one wants to talk about. The Shittiest Bikes Store in NYC award. We here at C2D were quite honestly freaking out - almost a whole year went by - and we not only didnt have a clear winner, we didnt really have any runner uppers either. Bashing Bay Ridge Bikes is old and no one really buys shit at Sids anymore either - so needless to say we were stumped. NYCBikes to the rescue!
Yesturday, Sunday, when our bike gang was taking its casual cruise through the neighborhoods, a stunt gone wrong sent Donde into a wicked tumble, also leaving him with a pinch flat. NO TO WORRY. We're in bicycle central - El Williamsburgo, Brooklyndo, senior.
So we stroll a dozen blocks, trying to remember what bike store is where, when we remember this fluffy little shop on Havemeyer St, zee NYCBikes shop. Yes, those ugly mindless NYCbikes frames you see here and there actualy come from this shop - our theories that they were just rebadged Walmart bikes are now proven wrong (maybe).
Anywho, here is where the award comes in. We have a flat - they have a bike shop - rock and roll? Not so fast. They wont let us use their tools - which is understandable. Making petty $ from changing flats is their bread and butter. So we decided that we want to PAY THEM MONEY and have them change the flat for US. And thats where the beef happens. The owner of the bikeshops tells us to leave - he will not service ANY bike without a front brake. He wont even let us use a pump to see where the puncture is so we can patch it. NO FRONT BRAKE - NO ASSISTANCE of any kind. Hence, the Annual Shittiest Bike Store in NYC Award is born and its first proud recipeint is here to claim it.
I mean, we're in Williamsburg, fixed gear and 20" central where kids have no brakes at all, let alone front ones. Good luck to NYCBikes, maybe next year you'll win again.
Luckily, a REAL bikestore named Post was right around the corner. We went there, they let us use their tools, change the tube right infront of the shop and then let us session the mini ramp inside their shop. Post is where its at - and its on N1st st, right off of Bedford.


Ahab said...

Gideon would say, bring your own tools next time.

Curtis Chorizali said...

damn pegs require tools that wont fit into a pocket.

Banzai Fresh said...

get the Bozack, get the Bozack, Get the Boooooooooooooozack...

an ode to teh suck!