Random Scenes From AZ

left the house at 8am. drove 300+ miles. went from 2000ft elevation up to 5700 in the car, then hiked/climbed up Browns Peak to 7600ft. then cruised into scenic Globe, AZ (old-school mining town). snapped some random pics throughout:

this was actually in the town of Punkin Center:

the gate was open, but the door was not....

heading towards Brown's Peak

the end of the "easy trail", the beginning of the vertical climb...that cleft in the rock is the "trail"

looking down what i just climbed up...see the trail way down there? that's where the last pic was taken....

view of Roosevelt Lake from a vertical mile above

random Globe-ness:


Curtis Chorizali said...

maaaaan, that climb looked fun. i wanna do that!!!

Donde Estero said...

Wow, that town looks like its full of hotties!!