Pitchfork Selector Mixtape v1

Pitchfork Selector Mixtape V1 is dope like fresh chicken wings with mad hot sauce, like as soon as you smell them your head spins. Dope like cooking tacos and crushing up some chorizo, chopping some cilantro and onions, making a lil salsa verde to bless them with. This freestyle mixtape is like a nice skirt steak, crushed salt and pepper on it, olive oil. Fuck a grill, cast iron griddle, give it a god damn bath in some butter at the end, mad garlic and rosemary just straight up taking a swim in there. Or like going to the Doughnut Plant and copping 2 tres leches donuts and some chai. Or like going for a ride on a nice sunny day on your 20 rocking your favorite kicks, hopping curbs and shit. Just give it a listen and see for yourself. I'm hungry.

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