Every Cell - The Remix

sushi dinner, hot sake, tall candles and back rubs/
incense, vanilla dutches, ear whispers mixed in with long hugs/
crowded night clubs, red lights, lets marinate at the spot/
get twisted and plot, explore differences you and i got/
kahlua, cream and vodka, thats me, plus my favorite drink/
i live for making you laugh, but also making you think/
the lost link to the formula, life's catalyst/
selective list of pros and cons, long sealed with a "last" kiss/ 
just couldn't breathe, had to step out, prop the balcony's door/
so less is more, i'm not so sure, cuz when it rains it sure pours/
not one to force or find faults, i kept my pulse, you keep yours/
facing the source, plenty to fix before there is gold in my words/
the future holds them tulip bulbs along with new life in its folds/
just hope you're there before its cold for the right reason and role/

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