GTA 4 Ramps

In anticipation for the greatest video game ever ever EVER made, here is a lil video to warm up your business.There will be at least a good handful of motorcycles in this game and a handful of bikes including a bmx that actually looks like its set up properly. So hopping you can hop and spin and maybe do a lil barspin action. Imagine if the controls for the bmx trickery is like Skate?

Yeah, I just felt that too, its normal, it just means you are healthy.

And if you saw Miley Cyrus twerk videos but have not see GTA V Online trailer - then just forget it. Certain things in life can not be taught and must be gained through life experience.

Just look at them. They are glorious. I'm more of a naked bike kind of guy but hey, you'll definitely catch me ducking the beast on a cruiser, roaring through the back country - at least until I come across a 18 wheeler  carrying some logs. I might change my tactics then. Sure, the whole hop-off-the-bike-get-in-truck might cost ya your dear life, but, if you pull it off, and are barreling at speed toward downtown LA in 40 tons of American muscle it will all be worth it.

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Donde Estero said...

wish these custom maps would be downloadable on consoles