Dah Shop

As big as bmx scene in NYC is, there really arent any dedicated bmx bikeshops in NYC. Sure, you could get a odd pair of grips, or a seatpost here and there, maybe a tire, but thats about it if you're looking for some of that nice/new/fresh shit. Really dont know how thats possible, opening one would be a goldmine - and thats what some cat did. Tyrone, a dope NYC rider, who I dont know too well personally beyond the random wussups when I see him, opened one. 134 Division St and Canal St. About 10 blocks from Brooklyn banks. Dope.
Now, I havnt even been there yet - but the chances of it being wack are slim to none, since its run by people who understand whats what. I'm thrilled and you should be too.
I'm going there today after the grind and I'll have a better report.
Good shit my people!

the pics were taken from skavenger.com

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