Know Before Noon I'll Be On My Third Beer.....

Sweeney Kovar put me on to this dude, and I ain't gonna front, all I've heard from Danny Brown came from SK. Yeah it's Detroit. Yeah there is some Dilla in there. Yeah there is some Madlib too. But it feels nice, fresh, and raw (like sushi). I'm sure there are folks out there like, "Yo Donde, there is more out there than Detroit you know." No shit, and fuck you.

"Hot cup a ramen might last me a day, broke and ain't ate shit since yesterday"

This here is the song that had me hooked. I had this shit on the train playin back to back. Bushwick to the city to Bed Stuy. Just loopin the fucker. Listen and enjoy.

Also, peep the following:

Nick Speed Shit

Nick Speed Shit Remix with Phat Kat and Big Herk

Madlib Shit

Marv One and Chips D'Nero Shit

Oh, and I guess while I'm jackin Sweeney Kovar, lemme throw in some of his other links:

Shawn Jackson - Houseshoes beat



And the Shawn Jackson shit that had me since day One

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