This One Time - Vol 2


Some might remember us mentioning this stretch of the road before, and its time to do it again. This is a regular sight here and if I was to take a picture each time I see this bullshit my hairstyle would change on its own and I would have some really curly long sideburns in no time. If that made no sense, good, it wasn't supposed to.

I just want to get something straight - so you don't want your little shrimps to get ran over by bikes or cars - so you dash across the whole madafakin street, blocking it like a real dill weed. I really don't get it. I also don't get why the popo does nothing about this holy maneuver. Oh, I know why - da copsycops are too cool for school. Yes, this was the weakest rant ever - that was on purpose. This is a fun website, PG13 if I may so say. We don't want no trouble (double negative, also on purpose) from the baby jesus or whatever the holy busdriver was brainwashed into believing. But what can we do? Not much - and THAT is why I always ride down Bedford Ave with my cock, balls and titties out for all to see.

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gatito said...

they also enjoy driving double the speed of normal traffic.