Let Me Just Say...

Fuck the MTA
Rant start:
For the last 3 weeks, A/C train service weekday mornings has been disrupted by something 4 out of 5 days of the week.    Disrupted meaning, instead of getting to work 5 -10 minutes late as usual, I am now showing up 30-40 minutes late.   And whatever they tell you, "take the C local downstairs, it will be faster" you can rest assured that you will be stuck in the tunnel watching 3 A trains pass you, including the one the conductor just told you to exit.   Now, I can see this happening, maybe once a month.   And I can also see this happening at night, weekends, off hours, etc...     But not at the peak rush hour.    And not this often.   Commute has been fine for years, so if there is signal problems, fix the fuckin signal and get on with it already.    

I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure the MTA is in league with satan.
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