Shook Guns Part 11

Shook Guns Part 11:
Random Summer Enhancements & Developments

Being the AZ correspondent for C2D means being pretty fucking miserable in summer. But despite 3 months of 100-115 degree days, I've managed to stay pretty active shooting-wise. And the more I shoot, the more I try new gear and tweek existing equipment. So here's some of the new things I've been playing with this summer....

Kahr P380 (actual size shown):

I've always wanted one of these to replace the ratty (& unreliable) Keltec P3AT I've had since 2003, but the price is ridiculous.
So when my shop bought this used one at a crazy low price I had to scoop it up.

My ONLY complaint is the lack of a pocket clip like my Keltec had...I'm still searching for the right holster so that I'll actually carry it.

Surefire 60 round AR15 Magazine:

I've been waiting for these to hit the streets since January, so naturally I snagged the first one I came across. Utilizing a quad-stack design, it holds 60rds of 5.56mm without adding too much length over a standard USGI 30rd mag (shown for comparison)

It has hiccupped a few times, so it's not 100% reliable, but when it runs it's awesome.

EXO/NiB-X Finish:

WMD Guns out of Florida is now offering this refinishing service on many pistols and AR components. It is a Nickle-Boron coating that is slick to the touch, but requires no lubrication (supposedly...)

I had this G19 done to test it out, and have since sent a few more pieces out. Also upgraded on both of my carry guns are the new Trijicon HD night sights, with a much more visible front post during daytime use.

Rounding it out is the Raven Concealment Holster (this one accomodates a pistol-mounted light and extended/threaded barrel), which are pricy and take FOREVER to get, but seem to be worth the hassle. I liked this one so much I got another one immediately after....

Satanic SBR Upgrades:

This gun is damn-near perfect, so I rarely chance much on it. However, to shave weight, it is now sporting a Magpul CTR stock, Daniel Defense front & rear sights, and an Aimpoint T1 Micro on a DD Mount (my new favorite optic). Also upgraded the LED on the Surefire Scout Light to the new K2XC head (=BRIGHT!)

SCAR Mods:

There are very few aftermarket mods for the SCAR rifles, but I've finally gotten them both set up how I like them....

I'm now running a T1 Micro on the SCAR-16 as well, and using a Streamlight TLR-1S mounted over the barrel on the PWS Rail Extension. Everything else is the same as before.

The SCAR-17 finally has its own optic, the Trijicon ACOG TA11J-308. A perfect optic for this rifle. Also recently installed the Branham Tactical Rail Extension; much shorter than the PWS rail on my 16, but just enough extra length to cover the gas block. The sling is the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling, which I swap between the 2.

and FINALLY, due to the above mods...I was comfortable enough to try the SCAR-17 out at a local match. It went pretty well, all things considered. Most importantly: the gun runs like a champ.


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