Europe 2011 - v1

I, Curits, just got back from my little annual C2D trip abroad. Got to hit up a few cities and towns, eat some pastas and pinchos, drink some beers and winos, stare at some views, bust out some moves at discotecas, push some scooters to their limits, meet some cool foreigners and locals, this and that. Overall, a great success. There was a few sad and serious moments here and there, what can I say...someone was missing.

All and all, a trip was 10/10 - I made many new friends and C2D supporters. The next few weeks will bring to you a series of posts cleverly entitled Europe 2011. Hope you do enjoy.

Anywho. I arrived in Rome at about noon on Saturday the 15th. My hostel conveniently located....RIGHT in the middle of Occupy Rome Demonstration turned Riot. Needless to say, it was fuckin epic and got me warmed right up to the excitement that was to come. My first beer in Rome was right across the street from a burning luxury SUV. I couldn't ask for a more scenic intro to Italy.

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