Doesn't Everyone Get This Urge From Time To Time?

I remember seeing this documentary when I was a little kid, and loving it.   Haven't watched it for at least 20 years until good ol Mike G showed up with it on DVD outta the blue.  What a random surprise.   I guess there will always be an urge to escape or just to get away from everything, and do this Thoreau/survivalist thing.  I'm assuming most people have this urge, or something like it, but I could be wrong, what do you think?

UPDATE:  Did not realize this was overdubbed in Russian, can't find the English version now, but I'm sure it will be up again from time to time.

There is a better quality copy out there, but I can't find it now. There is also a part II.

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Curtis Chorizali said...

Dubbed in Russian - nice touch :P

I guess a motorcycle ride cross country is a very similar experience, in a way.