Fun'n'Games: The Last Of Us

May 7th, that is the date this baby comes home. Thank god GTA5 got pushed back to September - otherwise amazing games like these would be missed.

A zombie-ish survival-ish cfraty-ish exploring game with heavy RPG elements and an open world. And you can ride horses (RDR fans, come come). It's shocking and strange as to how many people are yet to experience Uncharted 1-3. Or people who try it and are not into it. I guess I feel the same way about God of War, or Assassins Creed or perhaps Infamous and such.

I personally wish I could experience each one of the Uncharted's again for the first time. The Last of Us is made by the same people, Naughty Dog. That fact alone will make me buy this one day one.

Might have to strain the time management skills and beat this one by May 27th, when GRID 2 comes out, and we all know what that means.

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