The Food Life v58: Eat Stuff

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to just stop whatever the hell he is doing and say to himself "I'm hungry, how about some god damn food, eh eh?"

We got delicious gooey chocolate hot balls in some icecream, we got burgers, we got customized mac and cheese, we got canoli B+J, we got Brussels sprout and pancetta salad, lamb sandwiches, we got brick oven pizza that was made in an oven shipped from the old country, we got italian sausage with jamaican peppers fusion action, we got healthy yogurt as a snack at like 2am cuz whatever, more burgers (all served with sides of crispy fries and topped with the most delicious cheeses, more then likely sharp cheddar from a snowy hill in Vermont or some weird shit like Gorgonzola straight from Gorgonzola, Milan and aged since like 879AD (Gorgonzola's actual birth year), thats like thousands of years just to get the taste of the burger right or what not). And LAST but not LEAST a wicked sampler at the Meatball Shop. We are talking some wicked rigattoni, mushroom risotto, spicy pork meatballs and home made focaccia. Absolutely can not forget to mention the creamy parmesan sauce on the side. Happy Friday everyone! We love you!


boy with balls on chin said...

some gourmet lookin ice cream and choco ballz

donde said...

that is a sad lookin pickle garnish

Curtis Chorizali said...

as to not disturb carefully crafted flavor profile of zee burger :P