Papa Won!

Papa won - this shit is officially the bomb, and there will be newborns named El Papi Zee Juan. It's very similar to a log. It's better then bad, its good. Glance at the final poll stats below

This shit is the bomb!! 6 (27%)
It's better than freezer pizza 5 (22%)
What the fuck is a papa john? 0 (0%)
I'd rather lick homeless man feet than eat Papa Johns... 4 (18%)
Only if there is no other delivery option available 7 (31%)

- OH NOES you say - "Only if there is no other delivery" seems to have more votes. DO NOT BE FOOLED. While we try to deliver raw and uncut news/facts your way, sometimes there are a few bad seeds. Even the sun has dark spots. Even Somali pirates brush their teeth. Therefore, with great sadness, and in the effort to "keep it street", we must report that our own Donde Estero has double, and perhaps even triple voted, blinded by his personal agenda. His posting/editing entitlements have been annulled for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

Papa John - thanks, bro.


Donde Estero said...

I'm really not sure how my alleged double voting would have even mattered since I voted for lick homeless man feet....

Such a poor loser.

Donde Estero said...