BLAP Featuring Von Pea Wednesday Nov 10th

Von Pea has some killer shit out there.  I'm continually satisfied with his work.  The best thing about this event though, are the rules!  Like all good hip hop shows/events, there are a few things that ruin it for me.    

Number 1)   That dude wearin the hat blockin my view.   Take that shit off. 
Number 2)  Baggy Jeans.  What is this 1994?  Tighten them pants up, toss em in the dryer, or better yet, wear some Jeggings. 
Number 3) Timberland Work Boots.   Look, I don't want to sound fowl here, but when I see Timbs, I think of working class people.  Eww gross.   We don't want that.  When I rock out to songs about drinking $300 bottles and tryin to read iced out medallions*, I don't want to be thinking "measure twice, cut once" or "lift with your knees."   I want to see $800 sneakers up in this bitch, gettin scuffed up cuz we got that upper middle class money and don't give a fuck.   Worse yet, if you step on my mandles with those steel toe's, I swear to god i'll sue yer ass.
Thats right, no hats, no baggy jeans, no Timbs.   Rules at hip hop shows are retarded.  Oh well.  I guess we should be happy they bent the rules for us and allowed in sneakers.    

Check out some Von Pea tunes HERE

*sarcasm doesn't apply to above mention artist


Curtis Chorizali said...

i just really hope no one smokes weed on top of all this....

Accatone Becchino said...

any rules about Juggalo facepaint? i sure hope not...