Poll Results: Brakes or Brakeless

Well, how about this.
Majority of our readers are a bunch of brakeless freaks. 38% on them on brakeless baby bikes and 16% on brakeless skinny tire fixie jobbies. That's 54% of you, more then half who chose to either jam them kicks in or do wicked skids. Salut.

Me? I like brakes. My 20 is brakeless simply because I only dink around and don't go fast on it, but my 24, 26 and 700 - I need all the means of slowing down fast I can gather. Brakeless 24/26 is a bit fast/nutty for my taste. I must admit, I do like how "clean" the lines of a bike look minus all the cables/levers/calipers, but oftentimes, when its late at night and the 'ol focus and energy level is not where it should be, I need the comfort of a brake squeeze.

BMX (brakes)
  36 (34%)
BMX (brakeless)
  40 (38%)
Fixed (brakes)
  11 (10%)
Fixed (brakeless)
  17 (16%)
24" (brakes)
  16 (15%)
24" (brakeless)
  12 (11%)
26" (brakes)
  12 (11%)
26" (brakeless)
  12 (11%)

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