Fun'n'Games Vol 12 - GT5!

Its been here a week and its lovely. The feeling of playing this with a force feedback wheel is nonparallel - if you've ever drifted or even did some wicked parking lot burnouts before in real life, you know the exact feeling of the steering going a bit light and floaty when you lose traction and that's where this game shines. You know exactly when you're about to lose control, so you push it right to that limit and a bit farther with each corner. Whether its my souped up 824hp C63 AMG which demands I stay calm and collected on the gas pedal or a 127hp '81 Honda Civic where leaving the perfect racing line and losing the momentum after slowing down for a turn is out of the question, the game is on point. Everyone and anyone who likes racing games already knows, but if you're even slightly unsure, jump in!

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