C2D Staff To Infiltrate The SF Beer Week This Year

While some of the C2D staff will be sunning it up in Costa Rica, some of us will have to do some REAL work.  That's right, we'll be working up a sweat sampling the best SF Beer Week has to offer, and it looks like that might be quite a challenge.   Wanna take a sneak peak?   This schedule will show just how daunting this task is going to me.  Don't worry, we are going to take one for the team, and for our readers, and drink more beer then a little bit.   Day after day.  I'm sure by day 5 of continual I'll have some bomb ass tattoo ideas.

Any bar suggestions?   We'll be taking requests.   Maybe drop some RIP roses at the Hubba Hideout?   Any bike events goin on during that week?   Give us a heads up and we'll add it to our beer soaked schedule.

1 comment:

Curtis Chorizali said...

well, you could have went to Costa Rica if you weren't so scared of syphilis! so its a rash, big deal!

enjoy the booze, i guess....