Reminiscing the Tonic - swapping 4x lowers

It hasn't been that long, but I already miss this frame.

For the large part of my Tonic Fallguy relationship, the frame rocked a Sherman Jumper fork. Towards the last third of it, the Jumper was swapped out for a Marzocchi 4x (Nemesis tuned, sort of a big deal back in late '90s).

It originally came with white lowers, and I rode it like that for about a week, but promptly thought better of it once I got into a nasty altercation with Fashion Police. I faced serious jail time if I didn't swap out the forks white lowers for black - and not only that - disc brake tabs HAD to be shaved off. Fuck the cops.

Anyway, I don't want no trouble (double negative to confuse the law). Below is the photographic evidence from the case that I used in the court - C2D lawyer recently notified us that it's now ok for us to share them with you.

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