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There was a chunk of snow in NYC recently, so I decided to ride in right after the storm. Being proud of the fact that I was the only (as far as I could tell) biker braving the piles of fresh snow at 7am, I just had to let someone know. I had to share my glory. Preferably with a biker who would understand and appreciate the feat. The person on the receiving end of the boasting was no one other then John, the man behind the mighty sweet ProllyIsNotProbably, a fixed gear freestyle focused blog with oodles of lifestyle/fashion/music/fun mixed in. C2D been meaning to interview Prolly for a long long time, but between this, that, and his not so recent departure to Austin for the winter, that interview been put on hold. So what follows below is a pre-interview Google Chat style.
C2D: sup yo! nyc had a blizzard and i just rode in. i was the only biker i saw today. people were lookin at me like i'm nuts
Prolly:  nice! I kinda miss the sense of entitlement I got in snow. I never bought a train pass in 4 years. rode every day in, regardless. But I gotta say, I love the 60-degree and sunny weather i've got now, haha

 C2D:  hell yea! now you're getting soft, riding in a tshirt in january!  btw, that mishka paintjob is clean. good stuff!
 Prolly:  hell yeah
 C2D:  love that grey
 Prolly:  i love that bike, the paint is immaculate

 C2D:  so when are you back in nyc? or are you getting married, kids and settling out there in Texas?
 Prolly:  hah, back in march, but I gotta say, I love it here. i wanna get back into Arch. and NYC's scene is dead. Austin's economy is thriving and the architecture is right up my alley, modern with a hands-on feel.

 C2D:  thats awesome! austin has the most rediculous bike scene too. some wild bmx dudes out there. aaron ross, who's pretty much the best EVAR

 Prolly:  yeah and Chase Hawk. T-1 is nuts dude, being there in person, watching those dudes kill it. chase's tire slides over the spine, crazy.  it's intimidating to show up on a track bike

 C2D:  u ride your 20 out there at all? i bet its intimidating as hell, did u end up bulding one?
 Prolly:  i haven't got it yet, Seth is slammed

 C2D:  i bet. chase's tire slides over the spine? he tire slides the top of spine?? jesus

 Prolly:  yeah, it's in his last video, he also does turndown wall slides on the vert, rediculous
 C2D:  just wow, i prefer that so much more to all the backflip tailwhip flailing. would they even let u ride your fixed there? but i guess, would you even attempt that there?

Prolly:  I wouldn't want to, that shit's gay, haha
 C2D:  ha!!
Prolly:  i like riding street and mellow parks with my fixed, not indoor shit, i'd rather skate it
 C2D:  u skate?
 Prolly:  i grew up skating, only stopped 4 years ago when i got more into cycling, fucked my ankle up and i couldn't ride my fixed to work, so I decided to chill
 me:  i hear ya, i'm not even crazy into fixed but somewho someway your blog is the first one i check everyday. u must be doin something rite! keep up the good work!

Prolly:  dude, I hear that all the time
funny shit, even from 50-year old snobby collectors, haha, thanks homie

 C2D:  def!

 Thanks man! Good stuff. Full on, well constructed and more informative interview, coming in the future. THE FUTURE I tell yee!

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