Danny Brown Fixed Gear

Mmmmm, yea ok. We love Danny Brown. We nerd out to Danny Brown. But THIS is fuckin retarded. A fixed gear give away???
I've never heard of Danny Brown riding a bicycle, nor have I ever even heard of him do rapper songs about riding a bicycle, let alone a fixed gear. Ugh. If I'm wrong, please do comment, we would love to hear it. Otherwise, this is WEAK sauce.


c-sick said...

What about this anthem?


Curtis Chorizali said...

shit, forgot about this one, he must be riding one of those new 26" fixed gear freestyle fixies and not a traditional 700cc one. Danny is a fuckin beast :P

454 dual exhaust, something mashing//
got more wood then a fuckin log cabbing//
white inside like sitting on napkings//
26 inches, ninja wuts happenin!?!//