The Food Life v50 x Cellphone Pics

Been a long time since our last Food Life post, but that doesn't mean that we stopped cooking and eating. Often, in the moment of intense hunger there is no time to reach for the Nikon and a telephone photograph will have to do. Below is a swift assortment from the past few weeks.

We got delicious lunch truck tacos. Meatballs/risotto/Parmesan and roasted tomatoes from the Meatball Shop. Soup and half sandwich from a lil cafe in Dumbo. Spicy lamb cumin flat noodles from Xi'an Famous Foods. Lil turkey/jack/tomato/romaine on wheat. A pastrie of sorts from god knows where. A sausage/pepperoni/prosciutto Stromboli from Forinos. Lil big steak with tomatoes and Italian peppers. A lil Pho with beef, spicy as shit. Dollar dumplings from el China town. And a roasted peppers/chicken/fresh mozzarella pizza from some bombass spot in 'burg.

Food life is back in a major way.


DJ Ruckus said...

i recognize those noodles. i need em again.

Curtis Chorizali said...

i hear ya. i need them like every other day. i'm addicted.