It was a brown Datsun, and yo nobody in my hood got one

When I found out about this track, it hit me like a tonn of bricks. I was waaaay deep into Pac so eventhough the album came out in '94, I didn't really get into it until '96. Trust me, just thinking back for a second about this brings a smile to my face. It was me, 1986 Chevy Blazer, two 200 watt bazookas in the back and this track BUMPING as i'm driving to my McDonald's gig - that was the good life. Needless to say Nas always laces his lyrics nicely, but this track is particularly tight, right up there with One Love. The way it kicks in is serious "Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 Gusto, Your luck low, I didn't know til I was drunk though...."- could only imagine how much fun it must be to spit this track to a crowd of thousands. At that point in '96, I've only known English for like 3 years, even less, so I bet I sounded mighty funny dropping some thick Russian accent QB finest lyrics, as I sped through upstate NY. Wish I recorded that shit, but unfortunately the only covers I have recordings of from that time period was from Pac. And NO ONE will ever hear those.

This vid is obviously for One Love, with The Message track over it - but its all good. I don't think The Message ever got an official video, besides that 20 second intro in the beginning of If I Ruled The World.

I didn't know where the original sample came from, I don't dig, so I was pretty psyched when I watched masterpiece "The Professional" and heard Sting lace this sample. Is this where the sample came from or does it go farther back?
(watch the movie if you haven't seen it, its amazing)

Keep up the good work Nas, there's one life, one love, so there can only be one King.

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Shape of my heart.