Bike Poll Tally

bmx 37 (68%)
mountain 13 (24%)
road 4 (7%)
fixed 5 (9%)
dutch 2 (3%)
24 inch cruiser 6 (11%)
downhill 7 (12%)
freeride 9 (16%)
penny farthing 4 (7%)
lowrider trike 1 (1%)
recumbent 1 (1%)
total votes - 54

There they are. The results. There are 6,760,000,000 people in the world - we have 54 votes, that means that we just surveyed 0.0000007988 % of you. Thank you for participating in our holy research.


BMX WINS! BMX with 37 votes - thats 68% - seems like its the method of choice if you want to get around town/city/village/planet. But then again, is biking really about getting around or something else?
After all, isn't biking just about picking out cool colors for your setup? Or perhaps its about busting stunts and tricks? Getting somewhere and covering distance is fun, but perhaps staying in one place and covering height is the bees knees? I for one, voted for this category. Why? BMX is one of the bicycles chillin in my kitchen RIGHT now. As I type this.

Unsurprisingly, a Mountain bike is a close second (kind of) with 24 %. After all, this is a planet wide survey - and the majority of this planet, believe it or not, has not much of a infrastructure (i think) so therefore we need off road capabilities from our two wheeled friend/counterpart. Mountain bike is a broad definition - so whatever it means to you, that's what we meant. Did we mean a geared up beast with all sorts of shit bolted onto it - or did we mean a slick single speed clean setup that's more of a BMX then a MTB, who knows, but this is not the place or time to get into that discussion. What about hybrid bikes, are they MTB with slicks and silly shaped frames? Are hybrids something we should make fun of - kind of a nutless wonder of a cycle, no? You'd be wrong. And we have photo proof.
Freeride and downhill bikes take third and fourth place, respectively, with 16 and 12 %. These are fun machines, not many own them and their definition is also broad. I claimed I have a freeride machine, suspension front and back, but some would say its a DH monster. Those people would be little whimps and know nothing about my bike.

24 inch cruisers and street bikes got 11 %. This is arguably my favorite type of bicycle. I have one, I love it. It's perfect for the city, I'd say. You can cover distance, bust stunts, do skids, do ill alleyoops on and off curbs at speed. You can look cool with it, you can just cruise it to the bar to get a can of cheap beer. Its kind of small but big enough to not feel tiny like the winner few paragraphs up. I recently took the brakes off my 24" mtbmx cruiser thing. It added a bit of extra fun and danger - I'm putting brakes back on, I think. Great bikes.

Fixed gear bikes - 6th place. I want one. I'll build one, and you'll see it on here - watch. "Different" for the first few minutes, but once you're used to it, it's quite fun. All the kids busting stunts on these, madness. Good stuff.

The above procession is followed by the road, and dutch bikes. Shout out to Empire Bicycles NYC who's about to drop some ILL dutch bikes onto the city - but more on that later. Watch this space for Create2Destroy X Empire Bicycles collabo soon.

Penny farthing bike placed almost last, yet still got 4 votes, leading to conclusion that there is a inner comedian in 7% of us, beaten out by a lowrider trike/recumbent combo. Smashing.

What does this all mean. All of it is actually very straight forward. Ride your bike. Whatever it is, wherever you are, hop on it. BMX might not be for everyone, but if you're a person of any age, who has a hint of interest towards those amazing little machines and are not embarrassed of being seen on a TINY clown bike - buy one! Otherwise - forget it, they are too small and pointless. Get a hybrid, or a road bike with 28 gears or a recumbent trike.
You want to get around fast - I'd say get a single speed road bike, so if there is a need to be super cool , you can keep pedaling and everyone will think you're on a fixed gear, and thats all one could ask for, no? Best of both worlds.
If you want another type of bike for any reason, buy one today - tomorrow may never come.

Our blog is doing big things and making huge waves out there on the intrawebs, all thanks to YOU people. 54 votes - while not much in say, a presidential election, is big business in the blog world (for us). This site is growing, we're making dozens of cents a month of online ads and are even supported by the church of Scientology, who's ads you might have noticed on our side bar.

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