Whats Yer Fu%$^@g Problem?????!!! The Poll...

Every now and then when yer out riding around, somebody is gonna piss you off and your going to lose it. Maybe a cab swerves and bumps into you, nearly killing you. That might get me upset. The stuntdrivers that rocket thru the streets in the dollar vans, while their insanity may be impressive like kids smoking in elementary school, gettin snagged by one of these dudes is 100% death. Or maybe you were bullied too much as a kid, and when an old asian man makes you fall off yer bike you get soooo enraged you have to knock em upside the head with a ulock.
Cars in the bike lane, thats a biggie.
Hasidic mini vans that drive like 90 year old blind folks (are there no traffic cops along bedford?)
Hipster fixers that never learned how to stop? In flip flops?

Unless you are a zen master, something is gonna set you off.
Review the poll and let us know.

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