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andynahnah said...

hey, you like korean food? cause i see that you're using the go chu jang spicy sauce. there are a lot of amazing korean joints here in flushing, queens

Donde Estero said...

I'm always a fan of a well prepared dolsot bibimbap. Need to explore Flushing a bit more tho. Any recommendations?

Curtis Chorizali said...

hey andy!
hell yea we are fans of korean food, especially bbq. at the risk of being predictable, i will say that i love me some bulgogi.
we also love condiments and trying out new sauces. i picked up the go chu jang just because the bottle looked appetizing and boy was i right - that sauce is the bomb. starts out nice and nutty and sweet with a wicked spicy afterburn. needless to say i will get more.

like donde said, can you recommend us a few places in flushing? any other sauces we should look out for?