Fun'n'Games v16: Battlefield 3 = Whaaaaaaatttt???

Holy Fuck People!!!
I don't even play video games, but this shit is getting WAAAAY too out of control. I'm about to go buy a new huge TV and whatever type of hardware it takes to support this game. I held out during GTA4, and Left For Dead, even though it killed me to not participate. But this shit is too much...this is like, you might as well fuckin enlist because that's how real this shit is. I can't cope...

And yeah, it's 12 minutes long, so you might hesitate to start it (like I did), but once you do you will fucking want to finish it!!!


Curtis Chorizali said...

the game looks amazing and you dont know how happy it makes me to hear you say those words. i was not planning on buying this BUT if you do, i'm on it as well.

Gatito Terristo said...

I'm been a battlefield fan since 1942. copin this asap.