2004 - Rennen Rollenlager + .243 with 24"s and 26"s

Rennen Rollenlager was a godsent at the time when people were just starting to ditch their derailleurs in favor of the singlespeed drivertrain as far as MTB street/park/dirt riding is concerned. All the "Urban Assault" capable frames had vertical dropouts - making dialing in a nice tight chain a pain in the ass, without a tensioner.

Scroll through the pictures, and below you will see Soul Cycles singlespeed device (or something like that) - and you will notice how bent to shit it is. Hint: its not built tough enough for grinding on it. Now take a good look at the Rennen device - tough as hell, grinding encouraged. Quality. Below you will also find yet another variation of my .243, both with 24" and 26" wheels. I loved that bike.

A fun fact - see those Hussefelt cranks? Taken from my Kona Stuff, onto the .243 and they are STILL being used to this day on my Transition Bottlerocket. How is that for making parts last, or riding like a bitch. Either or.


Stoked said...

word to street bikes with QR axles.

Curtis Chorizali said...

QR front and back. the only way to run a street bike...... in '04 :)