Costa Rica - Part Tres - Ziplines

During C2D's Costa Rica excursion we got to hit some of the infamous ziplines in Monteverde. Peep the clip. There was a network of 12, but the final zipline was the highlight - over 1 kilometer in length and over 550 feet high.


Anonymous said...

Create 2 Destroy,,,
How can i become a part of your posse? I have a lot of money. I always wanted to go to Costa Rica - you guys did it better than i ever imagined and spoiled my dream,,,, onto Botswana I guess. Where can I get one of your stickers???

Donde Estero said...

Low protein diets are involved, a strict regiment of sleep deprivation, and total devotion to C2D teachings are mandatory. But we try to focus on FUN, but with a long term goal of brainwashing supersoldiers hellbent on stickering C2D logos across the planet.

Stickers by the way are available in the C2D shop on the sidebar.