AIBLPM - 9.2.11

AIBLPM was at a mind numbing 2.22 this morning, an all time high.

8 cars in the short 3.6 miles and 14 minutes, including an undercover police cruiser pulling over a lowered NJ plated up Dodge minivan on some chrome 24s. Coolest dad in town got his day wrecked. We had a school bus, a cab, a mandatory Nissan Maxima (a bike lane favorite).

However, seeing a super lifted Suburban from the early 80's and a perfect shape OJ Simpson style Ford Bronco jump starting it, all in a bike lane was quite amazing - both so rare, I'd imagine its like seeing a rare South African Dolphin giving a mouth to mouth to a Humpback Whale.

Either way, I have not been biking to the office as often as I have been in the past and perhaps this is the way things are nowday. Surprisingly, early into my commute there was a random stranger who blessed me with a huge smile and a rather loud GOOD MORNING as I swooped by him - which made my day and set a great mood for the rest of the commute - I did not curse a single driver today. Its a good day.

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