Go on, Leathers and Metals

Down to earth, just like a popped balloon/
Coming soon, blow the dust off of a wound/
Is there any room for a croon, a goon, a parrot/
Its apparent we cherish same gods so lets exit/
Roam a minute, wonder, stumble and trip/
System is rigged anyhow, hold on to your shit/
Too early to lose it, movement mistaken for nerves/
too many nerds in this town, call me king of the herd/
A lesson learned, ink the words through the layers/
Worship them papers, go on, leathers and metals/
Too mental, too loyal, too deep/
Heart skips a beat when it sinks... that was it/
I'm hit, exhausted, frosted/
Lost it, found it, found it, lost it/
Holstered, but cant keep it concealed/
Too open and real, love love, heal/

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