Jetski around NYC

Few days ago a bike ride took my boy and I down by the east river and as we sat there catching a breather we saw a bunch of hooligans on jetski's fly by. Snap. THAT looked like fun. Immediately a wicked day dream appeared, visions of looping around whole damn island of Manhattan, catching some Brooklyn, zooming swiftly as Queens, Willaimsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges pass in rapid succession, floating under the Verazzano bridge a few minutes later, doing a lil lap around Statue of Liberty - all while flipping the fuck out and yelling wild shit.

Well, some day dreams are meant to become reality, easily. In come in Jettyjumpers. These people rent you a jetski for up to 3 hours and let you tear around. There are actually a few other companies around NYC who do the same thing, so who you get your jetski from is not important. Yes, its far from cheap, be ready to drop a few hundred, but hey - experience will be priceless. PRICELESS.

I will most definitely be bringing my GoPro HD along - I assure you that. While you await for C2D exclusive footy from this wild water safari, feast your eyes on some images and lil youtube I found on the webs. I found these photos on Kontain.com - they are by Anton Repponen. What a set of moody pics. Oh, I know its hard to tell, but I'm excited!!!

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