Jellyfish Tank

The C2D HQ's are moving in the next month and the new space requires a new level of sophistication. In comes the Jellyfish Tank. I can imagine it now, with all the lights off and only the purple from the tank and the NYC backdrop illuminating the spot. Sitting back with a little pint of something dark, observing the scene. Taking it all in. Yep...sign me up. Haven't had a pet in forever.

Found this on Uncrate.

This Jellyfish Tank ($350) was developed from the ground up specifically for Medusozoa by the experts at Jellyfish Art, and features full-spectrum energy efficient LEDs for illumination, an air diffuser for maximum oxygenation, built-in biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration, a bubble channel to shield the jellyfish from the air, and an included voucher good for three of the little menaces as well as a pack of food.

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