Food Life V50

My people in Madrid told me that out of all the places one goes in that town, one specific one is NOT to be missed (especially before you drink, while you drink or once you're drunk... or if you just want something delicious). Just west of Puerta del Sol is where this magic lives since it was established back in 1890's.

My first introduction to churros was in Brazil and Argentina and needless to say, I fell in love. Not too sweet or not sweet at all, crunchy outside, smooth middle, these bit oily sticks of goodness, kind of like a crispy donut of sorts paralyze your senses. In Brazil/Argentina they were pumped to the brim with dulce de leche or chocolate. We had dozens and dozens of them. Amazing.

Well, Spanish take on churros is a bit different. We are talking a whole CUP of delicious molten dark, strong, hot chocolate and some fresh churros to dip into it. Chocolate con Churros, senior. This is where Chocolateria San Gines comes in, and boy do they come in with authority. I love chocolate. Chocolate loves me. I wanted to get an extra cup of hot chocolate on the side, just to drink down, but decided to calm myself down. This place stays open all night and is a huge hit with all the club going crazies. We went somewhat early, to avoid the pileup and to eat in peace. Besides, I'm more of a "doner kebab" type of guy when I'm club hoppin.

A sensible thing to do after oodles of churros is to celebrate the whole experience with a bit of mini bottles of bubbly and go watch a live performance of the West Side Story since it's anniversary is coming up and all.

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