Spinclacity 11.3.11 aka This One Time v9

So as I set off on my morning commute and come outside the gates I see a NYPD cruiser dash across the 2 ways street and park on the wrong side, half way up on the sidewalk. Clearly official and emergency police business is about to take place. I pause to observe. The text book definition of a big white police officer comes out and starts walking towards a dude who is standing on the sidewalk, holding a bike rack. Withing seconds it became apparent that they connected through Craigslist and this was a sale - popo man is examining the bike rack, money out. Nothing to see here, I thought.

Then all of a sudden I hear "Wait wait WAAAAAAIT..... where is the 1/4" adapter?" "What adapter? There is no adapter" "Maaaan, you advertised that there is a fuckin 1/4" adapter, I told you I have 2 fuckin cars and now you wasted my fuckin time with this shit? What a fuck, I drove all the way from Bronx for this shit, you're an ass". All of this, very very loud. Very very wearing a NYPD uniform standing next to a Caprice parked half way on the sidewalk, the wrong way. Wish my camera was on. Seconds later the cop took off - I accidentally ran a red light right in front of him, and feared the worst - but I guess he was either bike friendly cop or was too pissed to see me breaking the law.

My commute was on its way.

Lil bike lane parking. Good job.
Classic example of the Hasidic Dash. Parking across a 2 way street for 20 seconds, blocking traffic both ways just so kiddies can get on a school bus. Classy.


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