This One Time V9 - Spear them bikers!

I get into the elevator with my velociped to start my morning commute. There is a 5 year old fella in there, with his mama. He's starring me down. I'm not easily intimidated, nor do I back down from a good starring challenge, so I'm all in. I win, he pretends to shift his attention to my bike.

"You ride this on the street?"
"But you know you're not allowed to ride bikes on the street on Sunday!"
"Well, it's Friday, so I'm ok, I guess"
"On Sundays there are runners on the streets - Marathon!"
"Yes, thats true, but not every Sunday, plus they don't run on every street"
"I heard that bikers who get in the way of runners get speared in the neck, like this"

The little dude motioned with his hand, a spear piercing right through the jugular vein with a well placed strike.

"That sounds about right"

At this point his mom and I gave each other one of those "What/where/who on earth did he hear that from?"

I tell them both "Good day" and ride off.

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