Mad Weight on That Bench

Trade cool comfort for change, serve up the sun on a plate/
Hate is a strong word and I push mad weight on that bench/
Toes off the ledge, at the age when nothing is different/
I love you the same, weeping in shame, egoistic/
Little kid shaking that index, won't listen, what's reason??/
Was born on a mission, since them moons aligned I been living/
Pardon the grieving, I turn my own flippies just fine/
Wine and dine 'em, then sign the receipt, job is mine/
They come, then form lines, but not a single one matches/
The hatchet wounds crash in my lap, but I'm laughing/
What a fuck happened, I mean, how did it slip?/
Hard to believe H2O split, pressure must have been thick/
So here I sit, sipping milk, new born once again/
Come to Graham for arepas and lets make a plan/
Shit never ends, only changes, transforms, alternates/
Till the gates, kisses your way, could give a fuck what's the state/
Love is a strong word, and I push mad weight on that bench/
Dry and grounded I make my own bed, sleep for days/

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