The Food Life v52: Almost Grill Time

The Grilling seasons is almost upon us. I have a strong feeling that these cold days are nearing their end for the year, this Thursday being a prime example with its 67F ass. Now that the C2D HQ has relocated to a semi-mini-penthouse with a balcony, the charcoal will be toasty more frequent then BMPs at a Turrbotax party. Took me like 15 minutes to come up with that one, and even then I don't think its a good analogy as to how often we're going to get Atkins with it.

In the next 2 weeks there will be a season opening grill down of epic proportions which without a doubt will be covered in this fine corner of the world wide web. Multiple cuts of steak and lamb, 2 kinds of stuffed burgers, mac and cheese, potato salad and of course a cast iron pan full of brussels sprouts and bacon sizzling and causing ruckus as oodles of beer, sake and wine flows - then deposits itself into the well abused livers of happy campers participating in this holiday of Gods slaughtered creations and Mother Natures green friends.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, nor get too excited, lets keep it together - or else we'll never get out of this mess alive. Retain a trace of dignity at this early pre-lunch hour or the masses will take you for a cheap clown drunk with hunger. Talk is cheap, actions are expensive, digital photography will marry the two.

Moisten your loins on the pictures below, from the years past. Good day.

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