Frat House

Todd Phillips, before he made Old School and Hangover, made this. A documentary about Frat Houses. When in college I was in a frat. They don't have frats back in Russia, so after being in USA for 3 short years and then heading off to college I had no idea what I was in for when I got a bid from "THE COOLEST" frat on campus. I just knew these dudes had some badass parties, and ladies and booze and drugs, so I figured, hell, why not. A football frat at that, and I've never played football in my life. No joke, this movie sums up my experience. And an experience it definitely was.

(And just to make matters worse, after a bit of research I just found out that parts of this were filmed at SUNY Oneonta - the other college campus in my good old college town, no wonder it all felt a bit too real)

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