2005 - .243 becomes Evil DOC

In the eternal search for better equipment that will magically make me not suck at riding while also making me a better human being all around, a short few year period saw a few frame/fork combos.

Here we see a small .243 with a Sherman Jumper become a small Evil DOC. Big fat Holy Rollers, huge disc brake, lock on Oury grips, mandatory Chris King headset and Thomson seatpost. Once complete, I remember really liking this ride. My rolling barspins off of curbs were stuck with authority. No drop to flat was safe. Not a single street in this damn town was prone to a wicked skid.

Shortly it was replaced by a Tonic Fallguy - but more on that later.

Fun fact #72: I'm still rocking those Profile cranks, either because they are that well built or because I ride like a sunflower.

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