Action Bronson - Blue Chips

Well screw me sideways and call me Lucy. A new Action Bronson mixtape labeled Blue Chips is upon us.

I been a fan of this dude for awhile now, since THE very first second I heard him in fact, and seeing him live a month or two back just solidified that. There is so much music out there that its hard to listen to it all and often badass motherfuckers like Action go unnoticed and that would be a god damn shame. The dude is a wizard.

Yes, obviously, alot of his lyrics are just simple wordplay and verbal exercise, clever combinations of concepts over carefully picked musical arrangements, braggadocios stories about pulling up to fine dinning establishments in an exquisite rainy sky grey 1986 Saab 900 convertible, eating the gorgeous bare hand caught Alaskan tuna with a side salad of beautiful microgreens blessed with the finest French vinaigrette while twirling lavender purple from the Netherlands. But the way he delivers that package, it actually becomes irrelevant what he is talking about. He's a craftsman. I dunno, maybe its just me, but he makes me smile, he inspires me to write some wicked rap lyric poetry shit. On top of that, he just seems like he would be a nifty dude to lamp with. What a character. His vids are something else too.

Action, if you come across this lil blog and read the whaling of this super fan, hit me up, lets eat some fine Poutine along with some Foie Gras on a spot of a five spice loaf with a glass vessel of delicate Bordeaux grapes. Hell, I'd even momentarily come out of the retirement and procure an artisan skilled bing bing to toast with.


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no mention of how amazing that movie is??