The Food Life v53

Yes, to some point I agree, NYC is the greatest city in the world, but one thing that always gets me down is the lack of food options. Sick of eating same thing over and over. It's like, one always has to be stuck on the basics.

I mean, take a look at the spread from the last month or so.

Its like, sure, some might get excited over a meat platter from a Ethiopian place, or a Korean/Mexican fusion tacos, or perhaps a spicy lamb shank and curried goat from a Nigerian spot, or perhaps chicken and sweet potato curry puffs and some pad prik chicken from Thailand, or maybe even a fresh croissant with prosciutto and gruyere. I mean, hell, maybe you get excited over French food, and roasted salmon with white truffle mashed potatoes and some gnocchini with brussle sprouts is your thing. But I'm like, enough already. Sick of all this. Ugh. Chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce all day. :P

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