Shook Guns pt.12

Shook Guns Part 12
Rocking the SCAR at ACTS Match

So, it's been a while since the last Shook Guns installment. Shit happens. Life goes on.

Every month I drive down to Tucson to hang with T-Murda, drink stupid amounts of beer (and sometimes 4LOKO), and shoot the ACTS Match. This is my favorite competition of all of them that I shoot, because there is always a physical exertion element, and the stages challenge you and your equipment. It was approximately 100deg F at the match yesterday (and its only fucking April...that's how fucking hard we roll in AZ), and I was hungover as fuck, yet I still managed to DOMINATE this match and take 2nd place...literally 2 seconds behind my friend Russell in overall time.

Here's what it looked like:
(in the order that I shot the match...)

This stage had the farthest target, which was a torso-sized steel plate around 100yds away. The shooter had 30 seconds to hit the plate as many times as possible, firing not more than 1 round from each position, then moving thru the obstacles. I tied a few folks for the most hits (7), and moved thru the course with ease

This stage required several relays carrying a Kettle-Bell (which was heavier than it looks) while engaging targets with rifle and then pistol. I missed a LOT on this stage, especially with the pistol, which cost me 1st place. But its hard to shoot a pistol when you are hot and sweaty and hungover and tired; which is why we train like this.

One target, two shooting positions. 10 hits needed, with no more than 10 seconds expended between shots or you had to take extra penalty shots (I didn't have to take any extra shots). Looks simple but it was pretty fucking exhausting.

Start on back, rifle unloaded. Knock down the barrels and steel plates with the empty rifle, then shoot pistol targets as they become visible.

Lots of fun this month. I will try to upload videos of future matches both here and on my youtube channel (DMFL23)

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