Spinclacity 4.16.12

Just a casual commute to work on a gorgeous spring day. Came across 3 cop cars pulling over a fancy Benz, nicely blocking a bikelane on Flushing Ave for good 8 car lengths, as well as a all time favorite schoolbus driven by the super fans of religion doing the bike lane dash so the shrimp can bob onto the sidewalk, but unfortunately the ol' memory card on the GoPro was full and didn't capture the magic. Ugh. Gotta remember to dump it regularly.

This was the first time I rode with a chest strap in the city. Its nerdy enough to have a GoPro on your bike, its a whole another level of nerdiness to have it as a chest strap. See? The fashion sacrifices we make to bring you, the avid C2D reader, cutting edge awesomeness.

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