Ironboy Yard Easter Boat Jam 2012

2012 Easter celebrations went down in high style at the infamous Ironboy Quarter and Yard HQ. DJ Ruckus was there spinning records along with his brother, who got sick the second he stepped to the turntable station situation on a backyard docked boat. So everyone was like, Ooooh, you got sick on the boat, from now on we call you DJ C-Sick, like, get it? So yea, the name stuck for the rest of the night.

Yowelli team came through to ride the 1/4. Easter bunny was chopped up and roasted. Burgers, wings, sausages, tofu - it was all fired up and chowed down. Good tunes, tons of beer late into the night as a fire pit was blazing and seasoning everyone present. Good times all around. Thanks to our host James "The Bomb Driver" S. for da hook up.

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