A Flat ain't THAT bad!!!

So, below are the results of our weekly poll - You got a flat, what do you do?!

dump your bike + steal a car (take cab) 1 (5%)
fix it on the spot - patch kits rule 3 (16%)
take it to the nearest bike shop 2 (11%)
take it home - fix it there 6 (33%)
call a cop - there's been an accident 1 (5%)
walk home cursing - fix it in 6 months 4 (22%)

Apparently, only one of us is an adult and has a car. Thumbs up, oldie!
Most popular solution is to take the bike home, then fix a flat over a cold brew, not bad, not bad. I used to do that and still do sometimes, but only if I'm really tired or its very late/dark out. Otherwise - the trusty patch kit comes out and the job is done in less then 10 minutes (as long as there is a pump/gas station nearby).I prefer the above Shadow Conspiracy glueless patches - but the "old fashion" below ones work A-ok everytime.

A good chunk of people, 22% in fact, would walk home cursing, lean the upset bike against the wall and make plans to fix that pesky flat before the next summer rolls around, afterall, riding a bike is such a pain in the ass you dont want to do it too often.
Taking it to a bikeshop is another solution, but honestly, why would you really want to do that. Buy a pump, that will last your a lifetime. Buy a patchkit, that will cost you 2$, buy a sixpack of beer (this will potentially last you 6 patch jobs) - and off you go. Beer is cruicial - it will keep you cool and calm, especialy if you're not a tube patchin pro like me.
Good luck - say no to getting flats fixed at a bikeshop or walking home - say YES to fixing a flat on the spot la el niente style.


contakt said...

Okay, let's be honest - a sixpack will only last through fixing 1 flat.

Real Question: Can someone recommend me a good bike pump (mine fucking sucks) that will work well for a road bike / higher PSI tires?

Curtis Chorizali said...



this pump rules. i've had it for years and years and its solid...

Anonymous said...

Park pizumps pwn..