NYC International Auto Show

This years NYC International Auto Show had a weird vibe to it. Seemed like everything was low key, auto manufacturers playing it way safe.

No new awesome concepts or ideas, no dream cars, more of the same. It wasn't all bad, however, there was a handful of outstanding cars, like the Benz below, but not the usual plethora of goodies.

Alot of green cars, hybrids and diesels, all complete with the redundant HYBRID/GREEN graphics across the whole damn vehicle, why? Kind of sad that the motorcycles by the entrance to the showroom were the stars of the Auto show, the unusual linkages for the forks saw alot of flashes.

Overall - a good time - lets hope next year there are more things to oooh and ahhh about.

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wacko said...

what about the mini-vans? i wanna see mini-vans.