Guru Tribute Mixes

Gifted, Unlimited, Rhymes, Universal

What can you say, Guru was at the top. I had to have EVERY Gang Starr record, period. Was it mostly the voice? The positivity? I ain't gonna go on and on, but dude was a HIP HOP GIANT!!! Moment of Truth cd's played til the don't play anymore (don't worry, the vinyl is still in good shape). His verses ring in my head out of nowhere, 15 years later. That is the sign of a true MC.

Thanks for all the music!

Enjoy the mix C-Sick whipped up.

And the one Ruckus put together:


Juan said...

Rest in peace. Mix is dope!

c-sick said...

oooh, thats nice Ruckus

DJ Ruckus said...

right back at you brother chris. ill selection. some tracks i ain't listened to in a long time.

Curtis Chorizali said...

tryin to decide which mix i like more.... hmmm